Bossier City Movers is a big and professional moving company that offers all moving services regardless of the type of move. We offer all services that are essential in the field of moving. The following is a guide on how to pack for a move. For more tips, you can give Bossier City Movers a call (318) 771-7468.


1. Bureau Drawers -- Don't overload. Too heavy a load can cause damage. Remove firearms and any items that might break or leak. Firearms, along with serial numbers, must be registered with your van line representative before the move.

2. Canned Goods and Other Non-Frozen Food -- Pack upright with no more than 24-30 cans per carton. Don't attempt to move perishables. Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack in small cartons

3. Frozen Foods and Plants -Because of the delicate and perishable nature of these items, your mover is prohibited from accepting these packed items when your shipment is being transported more than 150 miles and/or delivery will not be accomplished within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of loading. Frozen food shipped within these guidelines must be packed in a freezer which at time of loading is at normal deep-freeze temperature.

4. Clocks -- Remove or secure pendulum in large clocks. Grandfather clocks should be prepared for moving by expert servicemen.

5. Drapes and Curtains -- Hang drapes over crossbars in wardrobe cartons, or pack folded in clean cartons. Remove curtains from rods, fold and pack in cartons or bureau drawers.

6. Flammables and Combustibles -- Flammable liquids and aerosol cans must not be packed. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause them to leak, or even explode. For your own protection, you should know that if you pack these items and they cause damage to your shipment or others, you, not your mover, may be held liable.

7. Lamps and Lampshades -- Remove bulbs, harps and shades. Roll up cord. Pack lamps with bedding or wrap separately and place upright in clean, tissue-lined carton. Wrap harp and finial (decorative knob) with packing paper and tape to inside wall of carton that contains shade. Wrap shades in tissue, not newspaper. Place upright in large, tissue lined cartons.

8. Medicines -- Seal caps with masking tape. Wrap and pack upright in small cartons. If needed during travel, carry with you.

9. Mirrors, Paintings and Pictures -- Tell your agent about valuable paintings for special care. Wrap small mirrors, pictures, paintings, and frames and place on edge in cartons. Place large pictures and paintings on edge in heavy cardboard containers. Large wall or dresser mirrors will be taken down by the movers and placed in special cartons. For added safety, place tape diagonally across mirror to protect better against damage. Do not place newspaper directly against paintings.

10. Personal Computers and Video Recorders -- Pack valuable electronic equipment in original cartons when available. Otherwise, use strong, corrugated cartons and place protective padding on the bottom of the carton. Wrap an old blanket or protective pad around the item and place it in its carton. Place additional padding between the carton and the computer or video recorder. Wrap cords separately; label to identify usage and place in a plastic bag away from delicate surfaces. Non-detachable cords should also be wrapped. Place cords between the padded computer or video recorder and the carton. Be sure your personal computer is "parked" and ready for transport.

11. Silverware -- Wrap each piece in cloth or low sulfur content paper to prevent tarnishing. Use an old blanket or moving pad as a wrap to prevent scratching the silverware chest.

12. Tools -- Drain fuel from power tools (do not ship Flammables under any circumstances). Pack tools in small, strong cartons. Wrap separately if valuable.


At Bossier City Movers, we are specialized in carrying out special types of moves. These are moves that require extra care.

For most, moves are stressful. But for some families with special situations, the stress that comes from moving can seem insurmountable. Bossier City Movers has the experience and the knowledge to ease the transition for families with special situations. We know that this isn't just about moving boxes; it's about moving people and moving lives.

(a) MOVING SENIOR CITIZENS- Moving from the home you have always known to a retirement community or an assisted living facility can be one of life's most stressful situations. The seniors themselves go through a myriad of emotions; and it's even hard on the adult children and caregivers, who often experience a great amount of guilt when they decide to move a relative to a more suitable abode.

(b) WORKING WITH PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES- Some, schedule, order, and consistency are not just necessary in the home, they're mandatory just to get through the day. Everyone knows that having your entire life in boxes spread throughout your house is stressful. But then when you have to navigate those boxes with a medical or special condition —the stress of moving can seem unreal. Bossier City Movers offer excellent moving services that cover all areas in the moving circles.

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